The Bow Flex

5 Apr

Some dear friends of mine gave my #1 son a Bow Flex. They are DINKS and both are habitually tidy. It is a wonderful gift. Last night we drove to their house to pick it up and I watched the amazing power of man-to-man interaction.

My friend’s husband directed as we all loaded, shoved and heaved the Bow Flex into the back of my SUV. We women were wise enough to fade into the background as the adult and teen man worked in tandem to secure the large pieces of metal into the back of my car. The older quietly instructing without shaming or ridicule. The younger learning life skills (yes, the ability to tie a load into a vehicle is a life skill).

We left with firm instructions from the couple that my son was to show some workout progress within 6 weeks. A simple chide to stay out of trouble and we were off with my #1 feeling excited and proud. Really? from 10 minutes spent loading a truck with an honorable man?

I realized last night that I need to find more opportunities for all of my boys to experience this type of interaction. Real men, strong yet respectful, leading by example. I’ll add that to my list…


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    […] I reflect I realize this circumstance has brought enourmous peace to my son before – a strong husband and wife duo. Selfishly, I am sad that I could not create this circumstance in boys’ lives. However, I am […]

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