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20 Jan

I’m not sure what I did wrong with my kids, but each of them has stolen from me at one time. Taken all of the change out of my change dish or even taken a few bills from my wallet. I don’t want to live like I am a warden in a jail, locking up my wallet and money while I am at home. I am grossly overwhelmed and ashamed that my kids would even think to steal from me.

Recently my #3 son used my debit card to purchase some credits on Facebook. I confronted him and then he did it two more times. The boys are all very aware of our precarious financial situation and this little episode resulted in our rent check being returned NSF. I cannot begin to describe my anger, disappointment and stress level.

I don’t even know how to effectively punish this situation and plan to keep said child in his room until I can calmly deal with the matter without killing him with my bare hands.

Boys 3, Mom 0


who knew?

16 Jan

Who knew that life could be really great? I seriously thought that mutually benenficial relationships were for soap operas and for those special few people who meet the three men out there who are really great.

However, I have found someone really great. My kids have settled down, I have settled down. I want to be the best woman for him because he deserves to be loved and honored to the best of my abilities.

I wish more people modeled great relationships to their children so that more of those children grew up with an expectation of greatness. I fully believe happiness for my lifetime awaits me. Yet, I am in no rush to seal the deal. I just want to explore this man fully and learn about him as much as possible so that I might learn to be his mate.

Life is good…

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