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Fire Engine Red

25 Aug

Right after I separated from my ex-husband, I died my hair a rather audacious shade of auburn with some striking blonde highlights. I have gone through several editions of this over the summer. I recently put in very chunky blonde highlights which was fun and gave me a very edgy look.

I went to my favorite hair dresser, LiLi. I told her I wanted to get rid of the wild stuff and just go straight red, similar to my natural. I have a wedding to attend with BB on Saturday which involves me meeting his family for the first time. I wanted to look as respectable as possible to make a good impression.

Somehow, my instructions to LiLi didn’t communicate. I left her shop with fire engine red hair. No, I am not exaggerating. I knew it was bad when my son’s 15-year-old girlfriend complemented me on it. Her hair is several outlandish colors on a regular basis. Great.

Because of the hue, LiLi didn’t want to try to repair the color. We were afraid I would get orange or pink. So, I am waiting a few days… sigh. I get mixed reviews from people. Some LOVE it, mostly men who find it exotic I suppose. BB was ambivalent. He loves me so he can’t be objective. It is bright. At times I think it is striking. Other times I look like my hair is on fire especially in the sunlight.

SO, I guess I meet the family with edgy red hair. I think I can pull it off.

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