Tree trimming

9 Aug

I have an issue with trimming trees. It is habitual. I derive some sort of strange satisfaction with trimming shrubs and trees. Coupled with that satisfaction is a complete lack of knowledge on how to trim trees. K typically start hacking away until the desired therapeutic level is met.

There is an ugly tree in my back yard. Almost dead, it is an eyesore and a reminder of the ex-husband’s lack of interest in our home. Last night as I prepared dinner on the grill, I decided to get the loppers out and take her down. Somehow, while cutting off a high branch I hit myself in the head with the handles of the loppers. I saw stars, fell to my knees in blackness and tried not to cry. My two younger sons were in the backyard with me. My youngest son does not like when The Mom is hurt or shows weakness.

Ice pack, the hammock and some time passes. I can finally see straight. I am embarrassed. Did I actually just take myself out with a lawn tool? Who does that?


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