If I was famous…

18 Aug

If I was famous I would be able to get away with more things.

  1. I could get as many tattoos as I wanted. It would be expected and I wouldn’t have to be so strategic about their placement.
  2. I could dress like I wanted – even if that meant wearing garish and outlandish outfits to work. It would never be called “unprofessional”
  3. Nobody would think twice about my two divorces.
  4. I could hire someone to keep track of my finances and NEVER have to balance a checkbook or pay a bill again.
  5. I could hire a personal trainer and nutritionist. Maybe drop this 40lbs quickly.
  6. I could stay up until 2:00am and get up at 10:00 and nobody would bat one eyelash.

Sometimes I feel constrained by society’s expectations of me. I know, I know. I have the freedom to do and be whoever and whatever I want. I could do all of these things right now if I truly wished. But, they don’t really fit into my life.

Now, what sort of talents do I have that would help me be famous? I can’t sing. I can dance, sort of. I have no acting ability that I am aware of. I am a chief organizer and communicator. I have no problem speaking my mind. Hmmm. I will have to keep thinking.


One Response to “If I was famous…”

  1. nicolaihecht August 18, 2011 at 2:11 PM #

    you and i have a lot in common ! haha
    i think about that every day ! if only i was famous, if only i was rich, and so on..
    but if there is one thing i have learned in my not very long life (yet), it’s not to pursue all these things, but just follow your heart and do what you like, and then maybe ! all these things that you dream of will come to you (: call it destiny or karma or whatever you like.. but it might work if you want it bad enough?

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